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Hi there, I’m Víctor. I offer Classic, Candid and Timeless Wedding Photography Ibiza. If you’re getting married in Ibiza, I’d love to be your best wedding photographer Ibiza!

Getting married in Ibiza

How is getting married in Ibiza? With its incredible history, breathtaking views, welcoming locals, and distinctive cuisine, Ibiza can be a perfect destination for you and your fiancé(e) to tie the knot.

Top wedding locations in Ibiza

Best Ibiza Wedding Venues. Ibiza is a land of warm climate and a great cultural atmosphere. Whether you wish to marry in a castle, on a beach or in a small village in the countryside, you have many options.

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  • How long have you been doing this for? I have been doing boho wedding photography for 7 years now and behind the camera for more than 10, dipping my toes into photojournalism, documentary and architectural. It all started in Madrid.
  • How would describe your style wedding photography? Documentary, intimate, boho, fun and capturing that day natural as a story. If you are looking a non-traditional wedding photographer you are in the right place.
  • How many weddings have you done? I seriously have to think about this one! 130 by my own.
  • Will you be with us on the day? Indeed I will! I always work by myself, it is the the way I have always focused best. This way I can work without any distractions and capture your day as everything happens around me. On occasion, I do work with a 2nd photographer when couples are after a little extra coverage ( ask me if you are interested in this! )
  • I am terrible at having my photo taken, will we have to pose? You can forget about to pose. My style is complete opposite. You know that one photo of you both together that was taken by a friend when you were not looking, that you absolutely love? That is the idea behind the images. Belly laughs and creating images from what is happening all around me. One of my couples recently commented that they wanted their photos to feel as though they were a guest at their own wedding, which I felt was a perfect way to describe the natural feel of my images.
  • When will you arrive on the day? I usually arrive to the wedding a few hours before the ceremony for some relaxed shots of everything happening while everyone gets ready.
  • When will you leave us? I generally leave the weeding day about 30 mins to an hour after the first dance, after everyone is started throwing their best shapes on the dance floor! This gives me the chance to get some all-important party shots to complete your story.
  • Do we give you a shot-list? Personally I do not follow shot-lists as they can get lengthy and cumbersome quickly, and distract me from what is happening all around. I always capture the key moments of the day, so I will likely know 95% of the shots you want off-by-heart already. I do, however, always ask if you have any shots in mind I might not know to get, like of a certain family member or decoration, for example, so I will know to you want them captured.
  • How many images will we get? Every wedding is different and anything can happen, so an exact number is always really hard to pinpoint! In my full day package, I hand my couples a minimum of 450 finished images, however, I almost always end up giving waaay more. These will all be stored both in your private online gallery and a USB stick.
  • When will our images be ready? All being well, it normally takes 2-3 weeks for me to work on your images and put together your story, though this can be longer during my busy months (June-September).
  • Are travel costs included? I do include all my travel costs within the Spain mainland unless I need to hoop on a plane to get to your destination. If your big day is particularly far-out or overseas, we will work out a bespoke quote including travel and any accommodation if it is needed for me to be there on time on for your wedding. If your wedding is over a few days for example, or somewhere very remote, your quote will be tailor made to include everything necessary.

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